Jack & Rose

We Are Getting Married

28th December 2024

Groom & Bride

Jack Pearson

I chose you as the most special person I have ever met. It is my biggest dream to marry you and share love and happiness. I’m here to make every moment with you special.Every moment we spend together reminds me that I have accomplished another miracle in my life.

Rose Elizabeth

I can’t wait to share my life with you. You are my most precious treasure and I find happiness in every moment with you. You read my heart with your eyes, my love for you spreads from word to mouth. I love you, today and forever.When I look into your eyes, I feel the infinity of love.

We Are Waiting For

The Big Day


Our Love Story

By creating the story of your wedding, you can make your happiest day last forever and turn your love into stories.Fascinate Future Generations with Your Love.

First Time We Met

April 6, 2023

I met him while I was studying at the University of St Andrews. Suddenly my heart started pounding. I got excited every time I saw it. I thought it must have been love at first sight.

Our First Date

May 8, 2023

Our first meeting with my girlfriend took place in a restaurant with a Michelin Star. It became the meaning of my life. Princess of the land of snow.Unique and elegant like snowflakes

Our Marriage Proposal

January 12 , 2024

It was a period when we traveled a lot in a row. The expected offer came from the Greek island of Thassos, where we went for holiday. It was a very important and meaningful evening for us.

Pre-Wedding Photography

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We make your most special and happiest days unique. Our priority is to make it valuable. You can contact us on all matters.

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    Best Wishes

    We finished our 35th event together today. As always, everything was perfect. Mr. Çağlar and his team are like family. It made us so happy. You don’t have to say anything, just leave it to them. He never works for money, it is obvious that he works with love. They put their love and heart into their work….

    Elina Jackson

    Event Guest

    It was a very nice day. Thank you for Çağlar Bey’s interest and sincerity. You shared our excitement at the beginning of your happy days. We didn’t even expect this much from you. But you surprised us so much. It happened beyond convention. He said, “You dream it, I will make it happen.” He did what he said.

    Katrin Parker

    beauty Bride

    Where & When

    We passed through the circle of love and set off towards the sky. Shout out to our friends in the clouds: This love movie is finally complete. How about watching it together at our wedding?

    The Ceremony

    The Reception

    The Party

    Thank You

    For Being With Us