Refreshing Cocktails Party for Outdoor Weddings

Whether your summer nuptials are happening inside or outside, you’ll want to keep your guests cool and refreshed with a top-notch signature cocktail that captures the flavors and feeling of summer. Of course, your wedding details are up to your taste (and your soon-to-be spouse’s), but remember this: Your signature cocktails can set the tone of your wedding just as much as the reception decor, music, and food.

Can’t you just picture it? Your guests mingling in their best wedding-ready summer attire, beneath twinkling lights and floral arrangements, sipping on something slushy or fruity or both. The scene has all the makings of a beautiful summer wedding that your guests will never forget.

The best part about choosing a specialty cocktail for the night is you don’t have to pick just one. If you love tequila but your spouse is more into rum, combine your tastes with a cocktail made for each of you, then give your signature drinks a fun name. Our list below has a great mix, with flavor profiles ranging from unexpected to classic.

You’ll likely only decide on a couple of cocktails—unless you’re dreaming up a cocktail-centric reception—so try some of these at home before you talk to your caterer or bartender about what you want. Whichever signature cocktails make the final cut, the guests will definitely be happy—who doesn’t enjoy a good drink to celebrate love and happiness?

If you’re having a Summer wedding, your signature drink is playing double purpose: it’ll be a fun extension of your big day’s theme and menu, but also an especially important way to help everyone beat the heat. Your guests will be no doubt a little sweaty, but no one will be upset with one of these refreshing recipes at hand — believe us!

To help you make this very important choice of beverage (because you don’t need one more overcomplicated decision during wedding planning), we’re offering more than a few summery options that use the season’s best (crushed ice! prosecco! mint!) and originality. Nothing here is boring; in fact, we’d call a few of these spunky and spicy, classy and elegant, or fruity and bright. Happy sipping!

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